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What’s in a name?  Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  While that may be true of the aroma, it would not necessarily be as inviting if we called a rose a slug.

Names are important.  Ask any business.   There are businesses we immediately recognize such as Starbucks, Nike or Amazon.  These names invite us to come near and do business with them.  We learn to trust a name and the products they represent.

Recently we have gone through a name change.  We decided as a community of believers to identify ourselves as Faith Family Fellowship.  Why?

We are a community of Faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Faith is the ability to believe and trust.  It is a decision we make.  We have decided to trust the Bible as our source of what we believe and how to live.

We are a Family.  We are related through our mutual relationship with Jesus Christ.  Families members do not all look the same.  We do not agree on every thing but we agree on the common tenets of our faith and give liberty to each other in things not essential to our faith.  The governing principle is love.  Jesus said that His disciples would be identified by the love they shared and the love they expressed for others.

We are a Fellowship.  The word fellowship comes from the Greek word “koinonia.”  Christian fellowship involves relationship and mutual support.  We laugh together and at times we weep together.  But always we love one another.

If you have tried other churches and not found your niche,  come and check us out.  We welcome all into our fellowship with love and open arms.  No barriers here!  Faith Family Fellowship is our name.  Come and see.

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